Saturday, November 14, 2009

Suite Dreams by Rachel Hawthorne

One of my students, Laura, suggested I read this book, Rachel Hawthorne is one of her favourite authors. I can totally see why she would like this book, it is a nice romance story for girls. Alyssa has just broken up- or is taking a break- from her boyfriend. He decided to go to Australia on a couch swapping adventure for winter break leaving Alyssa on campus alone. Alyssa isn't too sure what is happening with their relationship, she is just trying to fill the time that he is away with work and taking an extra class at school. What she didn't realize is that the man he is couch swapping with is expecting her to be his tour guide and main contact in Vermont.
When Alyssa and Jude meet, there is an instant connection. As Jude and Alyssa start spending more time together the connection grows stronger. But Alyssa is scared that she is falling too quickly for Jude and she still needs to sort out her feelings for her old boyfriend.
I enjoyed reading this story, I liked reading about the developing relationship. I really liked how Alyssa didn't compromise who she was for Jude. I think young women need strong role models in literature helping them deal with relationship issues.

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  1. kerry - i wonder if there will ever be a romance genre for young men? it's fascinating to me that despite the progress we've made in terms of stereotyping that that piece is still a fairly closed off space for boys. i'm not sure how it could be broached either!!!! i'll mention this book and author to my daughter. steven