Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shaken by Eric Walters

Shaken is Eric Walters newest book. Walters tends to write books that deal with relevant timely issues (such as Wave) and this one is no different. It was just over a year ago that an earthquake hit Haiti. I think it is really hard for us to understand the devastation and destruction that took place in that country. Eric Walters has written a book that deals with the people of Haiti and the situation many of them faced before the earthquake as well as after. It always amazes me how Walters can research and write such incredible books in such a short time frame.

The main character is Josh- a 16 year old boy who has recently lost his mother. His father is a pastor and is leading a church group to Haiti to help build a new building at an orphanage. As Josh and his family help out at the orphanage, they also meet the local children and learn about the realities of their lives. Josh is struggling with the loss of his mother, his father's behaviour and his faith. I found Josh to be a very believable character. At his heart he is a good kid, but he is so angry about so many things. I did find that there was a lot of religious references in the story that might make it challenging for kids to read. However, it was written in true Eric Walters style with characters that you believe in and like.

I know many of the kids in my class will be fighting over this one on Monday morning!


  1. As a 14 year old grade 9 student. i had chosen to read this novel for my CPT. i had gotten into the book within the first few pages, primarily because of the teen, Joshua, being what appears to be an atheist.
    I, myself am an atheist that goes to a catholic high school, so in a sense, i am in the same situation as him. i am looking forward to reading more of this piece of literature.
    But i was wondering, what are Eric Walters' religious beliefs(or lack of?