Thursday, December 17, 2009

Distant Waves by Suzanne Weyn

At the Scholastics Book Fair in October, one of my students Morgan picked this one up and lent it to me when she was finished.
Distant Waves is the story of 5 sisters and their very eclectic mother. The main character of the story is Jane. We first meet Jane when she is just 4 years old. Her and her family are looking for a place to settle down. Her mother hears of a village in New York where people with the ability to contact the spiritual world are settling. Jane and her sisters soon find themselves living in Spirit Vale, a village made up almost entirely of women who can channel the spirits of the dead. It is here that Jane and her sister grow up, among tarot and palm readings and people contacting the dead. All the while, Jane follows the career of an inventor named Tesla, a man she had a brief encounter with while travelling to Spirit Vale. When Jane and her older sister Mimi risk a trip to Buffalo to interview Tesla, both of their lives are changed, sweeping the rest of the family on an adventure of their life.

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