Friday, March 5, 2010

The Eyes of Kid Midas by Neal Shusterman

I picked this book up this week at Titles. My kids are constantly asking me for another book just like Hunger Games. I read another book by Shusterman a while ago called Unwind which was a neat book that deals with an alternative reality. I've discovered that many of Shusterman's books deal with an alternative world- not quite fantasy, but not quite normal either. This book fits nicely into that category.

The Eyes of Kid Midas is set in current day. Kid Midas is otherwise known as Kevin Midas- a boy in grade 8 who is tired of being one of the unpopular kids in his class. He is bullied by the scariest kid in his school all the time and is sick of the teachers turning a blind eye.
While on a camping trip, Kevin finds a pair of sunglasses that appear to be normal, but turn out to be anything but. When Kevin puts them on, suddenly anything he wishes for is his. Kevin goes a little crazy with greed and soon finds he can't stop asking for things. While all this sounds great, things get quickly out of hand for Kevin and his best friend.

This wasn't my favourite book, I found it the same problems kept repeating themselves and I just wanted it to be over. Having said that- it is an interesting concept and I think that kids- boys especially will enjoy reading this book.

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