Sunday, May 2, 2010

Borderline by Allan Stratton

Borderline is written by Allan Stratton- the author of Chandra's Secrets and Chandra's War. I am really impressed with how Stratton can create such different characters, that are so believable.

Sami Sabiri's main wish in life is to just fit in. He wants to be a typical American teenager. But this is very difficult because he is one of the few Muslims in his hometown and his father is very strict about following the religious principles.

Sami has the typical experiences of growing up, but it is made so much worse by the racism he is confronted with daily. All of this comes to a head when the FBI crashes into his house early one morning. They demand answers about his father- a man Sami has always been slightly fearful of, while at the same time wanting to make him proud. Just lately, Sami has begun to doubt his father is being totally honest with him. When the FBI start asking questions, Sami doesn't really know what the truth is anymore.

Things get out of hand when he and his family are presumed guilty- even when there isn't any evidence against his father. Luckily Sam has his two best friends who are there for him- showing him that it doesn't matter the colour of his skin, or his religion- it is who he is inside that matters.

This book would make a great read aloud- with lots of discussion.

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