Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gone by Lisa McMann

Gone is the third book in the Wake series. If you haven't read the first two books, you should stop reading this one, because there will be spoilers. You can find my review of Wake here and Fade here

Gone is the final book in the series. I love it when I read a series in one sitting. There is nothing worse than finishing a book and having to wait for a really long time for the next book.

Janie and Cabel are still going strong. They have a comfortable relationship together and have made plans for their future. Cabel understands Janie's special ability and knows that he needs to be there to support her. Janie knows that Cabel will always be there for her, even if it is difficult for him.

Then, Janie starts learning more and more about what her future holds. She knows what things will be like for her and she starts to realize how unfair she is being to Cabel. Janie is faced with two very different futures for herself and she is the only one who can decide what path her life will take. Cabel is forced to try to support her and wait for her decision.

I loved the ending of this series. Janie and Cabel have such a great relationship and are so honest with each other. It just didn't seem fair that the two of them had so many obstacles in front of them. When the book was over, I was very satisfied with the whole series.

This is the only book in the series I would be worried about giving to kids in grade 7 and 8. Janie and Cabel's relationship starts to mature and deepen and they are 18 years old. Their developing relationship at this stage may not be appropriate for elementary students to read.


  1. Kerry,

    I love the covers for this series. I only read the Wake post since I saw the warning to not read about the others if I have not read the first! Did you ever read Sleepless by Terri Clark? It also had the dream aspect, and I thought it was pretty fascinating.

    I also wanted to let you know that I am doing a The Lost Saint giveaway on my blog right now. When I wrote about the Dark Divine, it sounded like you were going to read it. I thought you might be interested in the second book.

  2. Hi there- I haven't read Sleepless- but it's now on my very large (and growing larger) wish list. I was absolutely obsessed with these books last week.
    I don't have any power to resist new books when they come out. I have to have them right away- so of course I read The Lost Saint- I ordered it on my Kindle over the holidays when I was looking for something good to read. Now I just have to give the kids my kindle- although I'm not giving it up at the moment! Thanks for thinking about me though. I did 'tweet' about your giveaway yesterday!

  3. Now I even remember reading your post about getting it on your Kindle. I had forgotten.

    Today one of my students was asking me about I Am Number Four. Someone donated it to our classroom library, but I had not had a chance to read it yet. I was able to pass on your feedback about it though, and I am excited to see what she thinks.