Friday, February 18, 2011

Trapped by Michael Northrop

Tonight I started and finished Trapped by Michael Northrop- I've read one other book by him- Gentlemen which I liked. He seems to explore the darker side of young adults. The side that doesn't always have a chance to surface unless the kids find themselves in certain situations.

Trapped is the same idea, kids who are forced into survival mode and do what needs to be done. Every student (and teacher to be honest) loves a snow day in the middle of winter. Just that break from routine is exciting enough- watch Rick Mercer's snow day rant here for proof of that!

For three friends in high school- early dismissal means just one thing- extra time to work on a a project in shop class. Little do the boys know that this decision to not head home will be the wrong decision. When a freak nor'western blows into town, the three boys- Scotty, Pete and Jason find themselves stuck in their high school with four other kids they barely know. Spending one night in school seems bad enough, but slowly the kids realize that being rescued isn't going to happen anytime soon. They must figure out how to survive with no electricity, no heat,no water and little food. And if that isn't hard enough, they also need to figure out how to survive each other.

This was a great book, a nice fast read that will really hold kids attention. I can't wait to share this one with my class next week!

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