Sunday, June 2, 2013

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

This is another book that has been getting a great deal of talk in book circles. I thought it was going to be a dystopian novel, but it turns out to be more post apocalyptic than anything. The story is set a few months after aliens have shown themselves on earth. At this point there have been 4 waves, each designed to reduce the number of people left on earth. Cassie has survived the 4 waves and is waiting for the 5th wave to strike. She is alone and knows she needs to either kill or be killed and she is prepared to do that. As we learn about Cassie's story, we learn how she went from being a big sister and part of a family to hiding out in the back of an abandoned car on the highway. When Cassie meets Evan, she must decide if she trusts him or not. Everything inside of Cassie tells her she is better off on her own, but there is something about Evan that pulls her to him. Cassie must face all of her doubts and fears to save not only herself, but what is left of her family. I did enjoy reading this book. As with most books that deal with an alternative future, it is hard to understand the ins and outs of the new reality that is the world. I like Cassie, she is a typical teenage girl before the aliens arrive, and through a set of horrible situations she realizes the inner strength she actually has. Although this book has lots of military scenarios which I don't tend to like, but in this book I enjoyed reading it. This book reminds me of several different books, in some ways it is like Ender's Game and in other ways it is like The Eleventh Plague and in some ways like The Scorch Trials If you are a fan of any of those books, you will like this one too. I think if you like post apocalyptic, dystopia, science fiction or military type books, you will enjoy The 5th Wave!

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