Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Unwind by Neal Shusterman

I just finished reading this book by a new author to me- Neal Shusterman. He has written one strange story here!

In Unwind, the world has gone a little crazy. No longer are abortions allowed, instead, life begins at conception. Parents who don't want their children have choices though- they can 'stork' them by leaving their baby to another family who MUST care for them. The other choice though is to wait until their child is between the age of 13-18 and then 'unwind' them. They aren't killing them, they are just taking all of their body parts and organs and implanting them in other people. The people in power reason that the 'unwinds' are still alive, just in a separate state.

In this book, the reader learns all of this through the story of Connor, Risa and Lev- all 'unwinds' with a different past that lead them to be labelled 'unwinds'. As their stories are told, the reader is drawn into this crazy world that Shusterman has created.

I think I would read this aloud to a class, but I would suggest you read it first. There is one scene that I found very hard to get out of my head after reading it. But, I will be recommending this book to many kids this year!

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