Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zach's Lie by Roland Smith

One normal night at the Osborne house, Jack along with his mother and sister are confronted by men breaking into their home. They are told not to tell the police or their father will be killed. The next morning as they are still trying to decide what to do, the FBI arrive and start searching their home. With their heads still spinning the Osborne family learns that their father has been involved in some dangerous things with some dangerous men. Now, the family has to enter the Witness Protection program. Jack now has a new name- Zach.

When Zach enters his new school, he finds it challenging to live a different life from what he was use to. Slowly, he makes friends and watches his mother and sister start to settle in as well. However, one wrong move and Zach can put the whole family in danger.

I think boys would really like this book. Zach/Jack is a very believable character who gets involved in some strange situations. Another great hit by Roland Smith.

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