Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raymond and Grahm Rule the School by Mike Knudson and Steve Wilkinson

This book is for younger readers. Normally I wouldn't put it on the blog, but I just finished reading it with my boys (ages 8 and 10) the other night and they wouldn't let me stop reading it. They loved this book. I don't think it has much literary value- but it was a big hit with my kids.

Raymond and Graham are entering fourth grade, they have been waiting for this year since they started at their school in grade one. This is the year they are the 'big kids', the year the younger kids will look up to them, their year to put on the play "A Christmas Carol". This is going to be their year to rule the school.

However, things quickly go wrong. From getting the scariest teacher in the school, being in a class with the school suck up and trying out for the big part. Raymond and Graham face each problem with humor and a positive attitude.

This book had my boys laughing out loud, covering their faces in fear of what antics Raymond and Graham were going to be getting up to next and begging me to read the book each night. And for that alone- this book deserves a place here and on my book shelf. The minute we finished it, we ordered the sequel- Raymond and Graham, Dancing Dudes.

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