Saturday, October 17, 2009

United we Stand by Eric Walters

In this sequel to We All Fall Down, we learn what happens to Will the day after he escaped from the south tower at the World Trade Center. Filled with relief that both he and his dad are home safe, he is just happy to be in his own bed and together with his parents. Then Will remembers his best friend James still doesn't know what happened to his father.

Will and his dad were the last people who saw James' father- going up the stairs as everyone else was trying to get out of the south tower. Will knows in his heart that he is dead, but he is unsure of how to handle James.

With Will and James, Walters gives a glimpse into what it is like to not know the fate of someone during an emergency. It is heart wrenching, yet at the same time uplifting. The friendship between Will and James is a great model for kids to learn the true meaning of friendship. So often, we hide from people when times are tough, yet Walters has written about characters who are truly there for each other, even when it is difficult.

I think this book would be a great read aloud, I think there are many issues that are addressed throughout the book that need to be talked about after to help kids understand and work through.


  1. i read this a couple of weeks ago. it's passing through my class very quickly. i found it more emotionally colourful - covering more of the spectrum - than "we all fall down". but there was something a little more self-conscious in the plotline to "united we stand" that grated on me at times. i see the good points you make about the relational pieces as sustaining some of the less-likely moments in which these kids stand back and reflect on it all in a manner that suggests they know more than i would realistically expect kids to know.

  2. This book Is amazing Will and James are true friends and will do anything to help each other.Eric Walters is My favourite author and this is one of his best books Yet.If you're not a big reader this is the best series to get you hooked.The first book we all fall down is awesome I read in 3hours and 30minutes straight and As soon as I finished it I waited for the sequel.Read this book or you will regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!