Sunday, May 2, 2010

Branded by Eric Walters

Branded is a high interest, low vocabulary book written by Eric Walters. I like these books, they are nice quick reads- that are always exciting to read.

This book deals with several students in high school who are learning about social justice issues. Ian, the main character is learning a lot about what is happening around the world. When his school principal announces that a new dress code will be implemented in a few weeks- Ian isn't sure how to react. On one hand, he doesn't really care- but then there is his friend who is against conformity and just following the rules. But when Ian starts researching the school uniforms he learns that there may be something worth fighting after all.

I like the whole idea of social justice issues being introduced in quick reads. I think many kids will like this book.


  1. wow this book is the best and eric walters you rock

  2. I really like this book and i want to read it again but can't find any websites online