Friday, June 11, 2010

Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning by Danette Haworth

Yet another book sitting on my shelf from who knows where! It is a pretty slim book, I usually like my books nice and big- but I liked this one too. On the outside it is pretty simple. Two best friends, a new girl comes to town and all of a sudden three is a crowd. However, there is lots of great stuff in between all of that.

Violet has lived her whole life in a part of Florida referred to as 'lightning alley'. Her best friend Lottie is just like her sister. They spend all of their time together, finish each other's sentences and just enjoy doing the same sort of things. When Melissa moves to town, things start to change. Melissa is from the big city and this is very appealing to Lottie, who longs for something different from her busy, crowded household. For Violet though, she hates change and wants things to stay the same. Violet instantly dislikes Melissa and resents every minute that Lottie is with her. Through lightning storm after lightning storm, Lottie and Violet need to learn how to expand a friendship to include someone new, but at the same time staying true to themselves.

I think this book would make a really nice literature circle. It is simple, but there is lots of great stuff to discuss and mull about. I think many girls will see themselves in Lottie, Violet and Melissa.


  1. cripes kerry how big a house do you have with all these books just lying around!! steven

  2. I know you have the same problem too- it's not the size of the house- it's the number of books just waiting to be read!