Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Worst Thing She Ever Did by Alice Kuipers

Alice Kuipers is a new author for me. She is a Canadian author which surprised me because this book is not only set in England and has a real English feel to it. You can check out her website at
Sophie is a 17 year old girl who is trying to forget what happened last summer. Things are really hard for her at school because people- mostly strangers- keep asking her how she is doing. But her mom and her best friend don't really seem to know how to deal with her at all. Their silence really hurts Sophie- and yet when they do try to talk to her, she pushes them away. Sophie figures if she just tries to forget everything, it will all go away.
However, one thing that we learn through this book and Sophie's story is that you can't just ignore events or feelings. Sophie's story is told through a journal that was given to her by her therapist. She writes about her present life at school and home and also flashes back to the summer before. Slowly, we learn about what happened in her past that has left her such an emotional wreck.
As we learn about Sophie, we also learn about her friends and the struggles they have with life as well. There is lots in this book. It is an emotionally tough one to read, but has really left me thinking.

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