Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crossing by Andrew Xia Fukuda

Crossing is the first novel by Andrew Fukuda. It has the eerie feel of William Bell's book Stones- the whole story is a bit creepy and spooky.
Crossing tells the story of Xing Xu- a boy in high school who longs to fit in with his white classmates. Xing disappears into the hallways,classrooms and his small town- his teachers don't even know if he speaks English. The only friend Xing has is Naomi- another Chinese immigrant and the two have been friends for so long- they are all each other has.
When students from his high school go missing, things get very strange for everyone at Slackenkill High School. Rumors and gossip are on overdrive throughout the small community. For Xing- the disappearance of the boy who has the lead in the school musical also means big changes for him as well. Suddenly, he is in the role of the lead at in the school musical- he sings beautifully, but only for his music teacher.
As the book comes to a conclusion, Xing is faced with the harsh reality of who he is and who people believe he is.

I liked this book, but I think it will take a very mature reader to see it through. I'm wondering how it would be as a read aloud for my grade 7's. The spookiness factor alone might just do it.

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