Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fallen by Lauren Kate

In continuing my theme of romance novels...I read Fallen this weekend. Fallen is much like Twilight, The Dark Divine and Hush, Hush. The main character is female and she falls in love with a dangerous boy who at first doesn't seem to like her.

In Fallen, the main character is Luce- a young girl who is haunted by these shadows that seem to follow her where ever she goes. The last time she was with a boy she really liked, the shadows came and then Luce blacked out. The result of this was that she ended up in reform school for other students with baggage.

At Swords and Cross boarding school, Luce finds herself attracted to two boys- Daniel and Cam. Daniel is mysterious and dangerous. He doesn't seem to want anything to do with her. Cam is sweet and attentive and wants nothing more than to spend time with her. He is able to take her away from Swords and Cross and make her forget the shadows. Yet, as so often is the case, it is really Daniel that she wants.

Luce starts to believe that she knew Daniel before they met at school-he denies it of course, but Luce keeps having dreams and memories that seem so real. The shadows keep creeping closer, although Luce realizes that she does have some control over them.

I liked reading this book. Luce and Daniel were very believable and Cam also played a great role. I'm looking forward to reading the next book- Torment on my kindle tonight.


  1. I've wondered about this book every time that I see it. I have enjoyed all of the other books in this style of writing, so I bet I would enjoy this too.

  2. I'm in a real romance loop right now. All of the characters are sort of blending together which will make it hard when the sequel's come out. I'm not enjoying the second one in their series as much as Fallen, but I'm still reading it!