Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Suitable for Family Viewing by Vicki Grant

This is another Red Maple selection for 2011. Not Suitable for Family Viewing is not a typical book that makes the list. Vicki Grant is a new author for me- and I really like her stuff. She reminds me a lot of Sarah Dessen- the characters are real girls who have real problems.

In this story, Robin is a 17 year old daughter of a very famous talk show host (think Oprah). Robin has been raised by her nanny/housekeeper and has a very distant relationship with her mother. When Robin finds a class ring and a couple of photographs that seem to indicate that her mother is not who she thinks she embarks on an adventure to discover the mystery behind her mother's past. What follows is Robin learning about herself in a small town in Nova Scotia. Robin meets some unusual characters who take her in and slowly they spin the story of what growing up in small town Nova Scotia was like.

I think lots of girls will like this book- there is romance and adventure. Robin seems have this perfect life that most girls would dream of- lots of money and a famous mother, yet she isn't happy. In her search for happiness she learns some important lessons. Anyone who likes Sarah Dessen books will love this book too!

Here's Vicki Grant's website:


  1. i just forund ur blog and looking at the books i see my book shelf. i finished this book in 1 night (to bad i had a science test the next day) but i loved this book and its not my "kind of book" i didnt want it to end

  2. Rachel- I'm so glad you found me and posted. I agree, I liked this book too and it isn't a typical book for me either. What else have you been reading? It sounds like we might be 'kindred spirits' of the book reading sort!

  3. Vicki Grant doesn't know how to write I didn't like the book until the like last three pages. The main character was too self concious of herself... like get over so what your a little overweight nobody else cares and someone who is overweight might feel bad after reading this by seeing the kind of image Robin (the main character) has of herself

  4. It's interesting that you didn't like the book, but kept reading it. I felt the same way- I was kind of done with the main character. But, at the end I really liked it and wanted it to keep going.