Monday, December 27, 2010

Trance by Linda Gerber

Ashlyn is a typical 17 year old. She is doing well in school and is a great runner on the school track team. Her and her sister are quite close. But there is one thing that makes Ashlyn different from everyone else- every once in a while she slips into a trance. While in these trances, Ashlyn sees terrible things that are about to happen to people she knows. The only clue she is left with at the end of the trance is a series of numbers written by her, but not in her handwriting. Her sister Kayla also experiences the same thing- and together they try to figure out what the message is trying to tell them.
When the story starts, Ashlyn is on her own because Kayla has disappeared. After the last trance the girls experienced an event that shook the whole family and Kayla wants to have nothing more to do with Ashlyn. While Ashlyn is dealing with her grief and her guilt, she is also trying to live. She is pulled through her life by her best friend Michelle and trying to hang onto a job. While working at her job, she meets Jake- a boy who it seems like she could trust, but trusting anyone is very difficult. Then her trances start coming quicker and quicker leaving Ashlyn more and more confused.
I’ve not read anything by Linda Gerber before- I like this book. The element of the trances and some trace of super natural power is quite interesting. Ashlyn is a very real character and I felt really sorry for her throughout the book. Watching her try to deal with her grief and her guilt was really interesting. I also really liked the other two characters that were important to Ashlyn- Jake and Gina. Both of them were very different people who offered Ashlyn a chance to learn what made her different.

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