Tuesday, September 6, 2011

0.4 by Mike Lancaster

I was looking for a new book to get me back into the swing of read YA books. This one looked like a dystopian novel, which I love. It's a bit more sci-fi then dystopia, but it's a great read.

The premise of this book is unlike any other book I've read. The book is obviously set in the future, and the 'editor' is transcribing tapes that were found from many years ago (or our present day). At times, the editor needs to explain some word or phrase that wouldn't be understood by people from the future. I found these little asides to be quite amusing. It reminds me of how dangerous it is to assume things based on historical evidence.
The story is about Kyle Straker, a normal 15 year old boy whose life takes a very strange turn one day. It's hard to write too much about this book because I don't want to give away anything. What we read in this story is Kyle's life as he told it through a series of tapes he left behind. In these tapes we learn about how Kyle's life changed after his friend hypnotized him and what he missed out during his trance.
I would suggest picking this book up- it's a very interesting quick read. I can think of a few boys from my class last year who will want to get their hands on this one tomorrow when I take it to school.

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