Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Death Cure by James Dashner

It's hard to believe that it has been 3 months since I've posted anything- it's been a bit of a crazy fall and I haven't been able to read much. Hopefully this will get me back into reading!

I picked up The Death Cure last week at Titles. This is the third in the Maze Runner series. The first being The Maze Runner and the second being The Scorch Trials. If you haven't read the first two, I'd suggest you stop reading and go find those books.

I sometimes find with trilogies that it takes me a while to remember what happened in the previous stories and it is harder to get into the final books when a bit of time has passed between books. This holds true for The Death Cure, although it didn’t take long for me to remember the characters and what had happened.

The Death Cure starts out with Thomas and his friends having survived several challenges. The first was the Maze and the second was the Scorch Trials. Thomas and his friends are tired, worn out and very suspicious of Wicked, the organization that claims they are here to save them. Of course nothing is ever easy for Thomas. On the one hand there is Teresa who was once his best friend and then betrayed him. On the other hand there is Brenda, someone who he grew close to during the Scorch Trials, but who works for the very organization that Thomas isn’t sure of. Then there is the ‘Flare’, the disease that slowly takes over your brain and makes you crazy. This ‘flare’ is what everyone lives in fear of. Contacting the flare is the same thing as a death sentence.

Throughout the Death Cure, Thomas must decide what he believes in, who he believes in and make decisions for his own future. This book, like the other two is full of action, adventure and suspense. You are never really sure who will make it and who will die. This book had a great ending that really wrapped up the whole series.

If you’ve read the first two books, you really need to read this one as well.


  1. i just picked up the maze runner. alright take a deep breath because i'm sure you just skipped one. i start it this very evening. fat chance i'll get a decent sleep but that's how life unfolds right kerry!!!! steven

  2. hi i am a student from james strath just was checking out your page and the books that you have read the ones from Eric Walters I have read a lot of them my favourite would have to be Wave hope you are enjoying your books

  3. Have you read Death Cure as well? If you are from Strath, I hope you know you can borrow my books anytime. Come down and say hi to me!