Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taken by Erin Bowman

Last week I spent a nice hour wandering around Chapters and of course I spent most of my time in the Young Adult section. I got to check out all the new releases and managed to find several new dystopian novels, which are certainly my favourite books to read. Then, I had a lovely day of just sitting outside reading. Taken is one of the books I picked up during this trip, it slipped under my radar,but I am glad I found it. The world that is described in Taken is a world where females are plenty, and males are not as common. This is because at the age of 18, all boys are taken away. Nobody knows where they go, but they are gone. The citizens call it The Heist and it is a hard thing for everyone to deal with. Gray is just about 18. He knows what is coming and thinks that he is prepared. But then he finds a mysterious note from his mother that causes him to start questioning everything he has ever believed in. The only way he can get answers is to go over the wall. This is a scary idea because everyone who has tried to climb over the wall has been burnt beyond recognition. But Gray is will to risk it to have his questions answered. This is a great story. I know it is going to be a sequel, which isn't always my favourite. But, fans of The Maze Runner will love this book.

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