Sunday, August 18, 2013

Breaking Point by Kristen Simmons

This is the sequel to the book Article 5 that I finished yesterday. Breaking Point continues the story of Ember and Chase. At the end of Article 5 they had escaped their own deaths and were on the run from the Federal Bureau of Reformation. Now they have a choice to make. They can be removed to a safe house where they can hide away and ignore what is happening around the world. Or they can join the resistance and fight back. Complicating their decision is their friend Sean- whose only goal is to rescue his girlfriend Rebecca from the hands of the government. Ember feels very guilty about leaving Rebecca because it was through her own choices that led to Rebecca's capture. As Ember and Chase struggle to decide what to do, the government starts making things very difficult for them to be safe anywhere. I'm looking forward to the third book coming out in the winter. Check out this great YouTube clip for a book trailer!

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