Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Monument 14 Sky On Fire by Emmy Laybourne

I saw a son's friend reading this book the other day and asked if I could borrow it- I promised it would only take me a day to read it- and I was right! This book is the sequel to Monument 14- so if you haven't read that- you might want to read it first- you can check out my review here. This book picks up right where Monument 14 left off- with half of the group travelling trying to get to Denver to get help and with the slim hope of escaping the Super Store they have been living in. The other half of the group stayed behind with the younger ones. The story is told through the perspective of both brothers, one on the bus and the other at the store. What the group on the bus quickly discovers is that life outside the Super Store is dangerous and scary. What the group inside the store quickly learn is that life inside is dangerous and scary as well. I don't like reading sequels when I can't remember everything that happened in the first book, but I quickly remembered this story. While I couldn't remember every detail, I knew enough to pick right up in the story. I enjoyed this one- it was fast paced and exciting.

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