Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Little White Lies by Katie Dale

I picked this one up with a Christmas gift card last week. I am trying to extend my interests past dystopian novels. This one is not dystopian that is for sure. This story is about Louise and Christian. Both of them seem to be hiding something from the people in their lives, yet they are both drawn to each other. When a series of accidents happen to Christian, Louise isn't sure what to do or to think. Does she trust him or not. Her heart tells her one thing and her head tells her something else. Lou and Christian need to figure out how to trust each other, even when the world seems to be against them. I enjoyed this story. There were lots of plot twists and changes in direction. I was never really sure how the story was going to end. This story is set in London England, so the book has that feel to it. The characters are also in their first year of University, but there is nothing that would stop me from recommending this book to someone in grade 7 or 8. I think this is a great book for girls, there is romance, adventure and a great plot.

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