Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Bodies We Wear by Jeyn Roberts

Jeyn Roberts is a new author to me, and I need to read her other books as well. Her website is here. For Christmas, my youngest son gave me a Chapters gift card, so last week I spent some time there picking up some new books- even better they were on sale too. This is one that caught my eye. The Bodies We Wear is the story of a time when a drug called Heam is very popular, but very dangerous. One hit of Heam has the user hooked for life, and their life becomes all about trying to find the next hit. People who use Heam are scared for life, they carry these scars on their body and are shunned by the rest of society. When Faye was just 11, drug pushers forced her and her best friend to use Heam and when Faye became addicted, her best friend died. Now, six years later, Faye has one goal- to destroy the four men who did this to her. But Faye soon realizes that taking her revenge will be harder than she thinks, and may cost her more than she is willing to give. She mets a new friend Chael, who is familiar, but she can't quite place him. As she gets to know Chael she is forced to face her past as well as her future. I really enjoyed reading this book- it is the first book in a while that has had me reading far into the night and in the early morning. Faye is a great character- she makes you want to root for her, even when you know she is trying to seek revenge. The story is one that will draw lots of girls into the world Faye lives in, and the relationship between her and Chael is one that will keep them reading. I can't wait to share this one with my students tomorrow.

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