Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jungle Land by Eric Walters

If you've been reading this blog for a while you will know two things- one- I love Eric Walter's books and two- I love the Seven Series  So I was pretty excited when I read on twitter a few weeks ago that the authors' of the Seven Series have published prequels to the books.  I couldn't wait to read DJ's story and to learn more about Grandpa.

In Jungle Land, Grandpa takes DJ with him on an adventure to Central America.  DJ is thrilled to be able to spend a whole week with his Grandpa alone.  He is less than thrilled when he meets the granddaughter of the man they are meeting.  The two teenagers are thrown together, and have to try and get along.
One night when they are alone in the house, a kidnapping attempt makes them flee into the jungle.  There they must rely on each other to keep safe from wild animals, the people chasing them and make their way to safety.

This was an exciting story.  It was neat to read about DJ before he grew up and went to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  As a 13 year old boy, you catch glimpses of the man he will become and you can certainly see the influence his grandfather had on him.
I'm always amazed when I read books in this series how there are no spoilers and how everything seems to fit together- all seven of these authors are amazing writers!  I can't wait to give this to a grade 6 teacher tomorrow- I think grade 6 is the perfect target audience for this story.

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