Monday, September 21, 2009

The Diamond of Darkhold by Jeanne DuPrau

I've just finished reading the last of the City of Ember books- thank goodness! Having read the first two a few years ago, I remember really liking them. These last two, not so much! The Diamond of Darkhold at least dealt with the main characters Lina and Doon- which was something the Prophet didn't do at all.

In the fourth book, Lina and Doon are once more faced with saving their town from disaster. This time, it isn't the lack of light, but the lack of food. The people of Ember are having a hard time living above ground and surviving on what they can grow or catch. In this, the story is a good one. Lina and Doon, with the best of intentions set out to help their friends and family by going back into The City of Ember. Once they decide to do that, the story falls very flat, very quickly. We are introduced to characters that seem to really have no point to the story, they are just introduced and then fade away. Then, there are some really interesting issues such as Doon's quest to figure out electricity that seems very fake and not satisfying at all.

At the end of the book, DuPrau tries to tie the Prophet of Yonwood to this one and fails. The last few chapters seem to rush by as she tries to wrap up the stories on all of the characters we loved from the first two books. I was greatly disappointed with these books after such a promising start to the series.

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