Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

This is the sequel to Stargirl- a great book about a free spirited girl who learns just how difficult it is to be different from everybody else.

In this story, Stargirl is back. She has moved from Arizona to another state and is writing a very long letter to Leo- her ex(or future) boyfriend from back home. Through a series of letters, Stargirl pours her heart out to Leo. There are times she is still very hurt by him and times when she knows she still loves him. All the while Stargirl is collecting a series of friends who are as unique as she is. Getting to know these friends through Stargirl's eyes is an amazing experience. As a reader we come to know what is in Stargirl's heart and mind as she struggles to live without Leo and move on with her life.
You have to read Stargirl first to really understand these characters. This is definitely a book for girls!

I loved this story. Stargirl is one of the strangest most memorable characters I have read- I love all of her quirks and her way of looking at the world.

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  1. thse two books are among the very best books written for anyone who knows what it's like to try and be yourself in a world that is discouraging to people like that! i use stargirl with groups of girls who feel disconnected from themselves and then from the world. love is not as strong but is still worthy reading. i loved both books. i'm a boy. an old boy!