Saturday, September 26, 2009

Posing as Ashley by Kimberly Joy Peters

For all purposes, it seems that Ashely has everything. She is doing well in high school, has an amazing boyfriend and is absolutely beautiful! Yet things start to fall apart in her well orchestrated life. Ashely is someone who doesn't want to disappoint anyone. It is difficult to keep her family happy, especially when they seem to want her to succeed in everything she does.

When Ashely is approached to audition for a modelling agency, it seems that her perfect life will continue. But as Ashely quickly learns, the modelling world isn't an easy one. Beautiful people turn out to be not so beautiful on the inside. Ashely's true beliefs are often challenged and when she is forced to make a decision, she is worried about letting her family down.

This is a nice simple book about being true to yourself, believing in yourself and trusting yourself.

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  1. Hi Kerry - thank you for the mention of Posing as Ashley! Glad you liked the book - there's a sequel coming out in fall 2010. Do you have the companion novel, Painting Caitlyn? It's about Ashley's best friend, who finds herself caught in a controlling relationship. From one fellow adult YA reader to another - keep up the great work! I keep telling people how great it is that my 12-year-old stepson and I can share books now. Thanks again for including a Lobster book in your recommendations! Stephanie (