Sunday, August 14, 2011

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I'm not sure this is a book I ever would have picked up except for all the buzz it was getting on Twitter. This book trailer really does a great job to sell the story- and it is a hard one to write about.

Sixteen year old Jacob comes from a very loving family. His mother and father want what's best for him, but the person he is closest to is his Grandfather. Jacob spent hours listening to his Grandfather tell stories about his childhood. Some of the stories seem very far fetched and it isn't until Jacob gets a bit older that he comes to realize that his Grandfather was making everything up. This disillusions Jacob, but he tries to forgive his Grandfather because he had to face many challenges throughout his life. Jacob assumes that these stories are a result of his tragic life and still remains close to him.

When tragedy strikes Jacob, his whole life goes off the track. His father agrees to take Jacob to a mysterious, remote island off the coast of Wales where his Grandfather grew up. While exploring the island, Jacob finds the run down home of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Here Jacob begins to realize that the stories of his youth were based on the children under Miss Peregrine's care. As Jacob comes to know what Miss Peregrine's home is all about, he is thrust into an adventure unlike any he could ever imagine while at the same time coming to understand and know his grandfather even better.

This book is a great fantasy read. It is dark, spooky, and full of adventure. What really gives this book such a unique feel is the use of pictures depicting the people in the story. These real photographs somehow draw you into the story even more, it is like reading someone's scrapbook. Jacob is a great character. Loyal to his grandfather, wanting adventure, but still respectful of his parents wants and needs. The language Jacob uses is so real, he sounds just like the sixteen year old boys I know. I'm not a real fantasy lover, but I'm really hoping that Ransom Riggs comes out with a sequel to this one, there was lots at the end of the story that left you wanting more. Check out his blog here.

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