Saturday, August 27, 2011

Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

The book Power of Six takes up where I am Number Four left off. If you haven't read the first book, you should probably stop reading because there will be spoilers ahead.

The Power of Six has different stories happening at the same time. First there is John, who is trying to cope with the guilt he feels over Henri's death. He is on the run with his best friend Sam and Six, one of the other children who came from the planet Lorien to escape the war. John, Sam and Six are trying desperately to stay alive and away from the Mogadorians and the police since they are wanted for the destruction of the school. John deals with his feels of guilt and longing to see Sarah again.

The other story happening takes place in Spain. We are introduced to Seven, or Marina who has lived most of her life hiding in a religious orphanage with her Cepan Adelina. However, Adelina is very different from Henri. Where Henri recognized the importance of training and being prepared, Adelina is the opposite. It seems that she has forgotten her role in keeping Seven alive to protect Lorien. This leaves Marina at a loss when her legacies start to develop. She is left with no friends and nobody to confide in or talk to. When Marina starts having visions, she realizes she needs to take matters in her own hands.

I found this book to be hard to get into. It might have been because it's been a while since I've read Number Four and I'd forgotten parts of it. I sometimes found the plot a bit confusing and hard to follow. The names that come from Lorien and other planets close by are a bit confusing. However, I did enjoy many parts of it. There was a great deal of excitement, battles and suspense and a wee bit of romance. I liked the ending of this one much better than the first. I know many kids will be begging for this book in a few weeks when I get back to school.

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  1. i read "i am number four" with one of your students while our families were holidaying in cuba in march of this year. i thoroughly enjoyed it. i bet i have the same challenge as you in reconnecting with the story-threads and characters but i'm going to take the risk!! steven