Monday, September 1, 2014

Forgotten by Cat Patrick

On the weekend, I finished Just Like Fate and wanted to read another book by Cat Patrick. I was out of town and so I ordered this one on my Kindle. I don't love doing that because then I can't share it with my students- but I couldn't imagine reading anything else, so I ordered it and read it in one night. Forgotten is about a 16 year old girl, London Lane who every night at 4:33 am forgets everything from her past. Her only memories are of what is going to happen in the future. So while she knows that she will always be close with her best friend, she can't remember what they did or talked about the day before. This means that London needs to leave herself notes each night before she falls asleep to allow her to have a normal life. Then, she meets a new boy to the school- Luke Henry- a boy who should be impossible to forget. But each morning she needs to remind herself of who he is and how close they are becoming. This book was so interesting- a typical teenage girl- who cannot remember her past. I can't even begin to imagine how challenging it would be to go through life like this. London tries to help people when she can see they are about to make a mistake, but she isn't able to help the people she loves the most. This book has a great plot as well as exploring issues that crop up in any relationship. I just wish I had a hard copy of it for my classroom!

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