Friday, October 3, 2014

Some Boys by Patty Blount

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to blog about this book. I read it last weekend and absolutely loved it. I mean really loved it. I have been talking it up all week and have about 4 kids dying to read it, but I wanted to keep it to blog about first. I am a bit hesitant to have this in my grade 7 classroom because it deals with a very mature topic (sexual assault). But it was so beautifully written that I cannot keep it out of my classroom. I will however make sure that I notify parents if their child picks it up. Some Boys is a story about Grace. Grace is in grade 12 and has always had a great group of friends. Grace is a confident young woman who dresses as she wants and doesn't make excuses for who she is. But, when she is raped by Zac- the most popular boy in the school- she is the one who is shunned and blamed. Grace doesn't understand why people don't believe her, but also why they insist it was her fault. On the exterior, Grace is tough as nails, but this event has led to panic attacks and depression. When Grace is forced to spend time with Ian- one of Zac's best friends, she is afraid to be alone with him and afraid he too will shun her. But through their week together, Ian starts to see Grace in a new light, and Zac as well. He realizes that he may have misinterpreted many different events. This story needs to be read by not only girls, but boys as well. The events that take place in this book are events that I can see easily happening at any high school. Patty Blount brings up many issues that make this book the perfect book for literature circles. I can't wait for people to read it so I can discuss it. For my high school friends- you've got to go out and buy this book right now!

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