Monday, September 1, 2014

Just Like Fate by Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick

Last week I read my first Cat Patrick book Revived and when I finished it, I quickly ran to Chapters to look for anything else she has written. The only one in stock was Just Like Fate and it was co-written by another author who I really like- Suzanne Young who wrote The Program This book was a great follow up to the first one I read. Cat Patrick writes a mean story that is for sure and adding in another amazing author only made the book that much better! Just Like Fate is a story about Caroline. Caroline is very close to her grandmother and when she suffers a stroke, Caroline is devastated. The whole family spends all of their time at the hospital waiting for something to happen. But one Friday night, Caroline has a decision to make, her best friend has invited her to a party and while she knows she should stay at the hospital, a big part of her needs the escape and wants to go. This is where the story really starts to take off- the remaining chapters are told in alternating perspectives. One chapter is what happens when Caroline goes to the party and the next chapter explores what happens when Caroline stays at the hospital. The authors continue to write the different chapters based on the two options and how the future is changed based on her choice that night. I loved Caroline's story- I like who she is, and how she responds to different situations. She is a typical high school girl with many different choices to make. She makes some bad decisions in one story, and some bad decisions in the other story- just like in life. I think there are many great lessons people can learn from this book. There is one scene that had me question if I should have it in my grade 7 classroom, but I have decided that how it was handled is appropriate and important for people to read, so I am going to be putting in my room this week. If you haven't read Cat Patrick's books, I would strongly suggest you check out her books. You can also check out her blog and Suzanne Young's blog here

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