Thursday, October 30, 2014

Double You by Shane Peacock

I ordered the sequels to the Seven Series at the first of the month and I have been trying to work my way through them. The only problem is I have to share the books with my class. This one, many of the kids said I had to read because something very shocking happens on page 41. I was dying to find out what, especially after going last week and hearing all of the authors speak in Port Hope. I still have a student reading my copy, but I borrowed this one from another student in my class. Double You is the story of Adam who is terribly upset that his grandfather might not be the wonderful man everyone thought he was. Adam learned a great deal from the adventure his grandfather sent him on in the first book. Now, he is trying to constantly be 'good' Adam, even when 'bad' Adam wants to keep appearing. Adam is trying to prove his grandfather was not a traitor, even when all evidence leads to the fact that he might be. Adam travels from Bermuda to New York City to Jamaica in search of the truth about his grandfather. Along the way he meets an intriguing girl named Angel Dahl and needs to escape from some very dangerous men. I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the adventures that Adam faced and I like what a good guy he really is. I felt that when I finished this book that there is more to Adam's story and I am really hoping there will be a third book written by Peacock. I also talked to several of the boys in my class today who are reading or who have read this book and they are loving it!

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