Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sleeper by Eric Walters

This is the first book that I picked up when the sequels to the Seven Series were published. My class had just finished reading Between Heaven and Earth, so I was ready to read more about D.J.'s adventures. When David McLean's grandsons head to the cottage just after Christmas, they discover that their grandfather might not be the man they thought he was. All the evidence leads the boys to believe that he was a spy. The boys decide they need to discover the truth about their grandfather and head out to follow the clues he has left behind. D.J. heads to England where his friend Doris who he met climbing Mount Killimanjaro lives. While there, D.J. finds himself wrapped up in an adventure very unlike his climbing adventure. He is suddenly involved with spies, espionage and trying to figure out how his grandfather fits into all of this. Of course there are one or two perks of being there- a vintage car and a beautiful girl. This book has not stayed on my book shelves since I bought two copies of it. My class whole class is waiting anxiously for the next person to finish the book so that they can read it. The boys are really enjoying the adventure and excitement in the story. While I enjoyed the adventure, to me it didn't feel like D.J. was the same character he was in Between Heaven and Earth. His first adventure was filled with lots of life lessons. Sleeper was much faster moving and action packed. All I know is that my kids are loving it- and that is all that matters!

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