Saturday, July 21, 2018

Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum

Tell Me Three Things is another one of those books that I picked up from Chapters a few weeks ago. 
It is a lovely romantic story about fifteen year old Jessie.  We first meet Jessie during her second week of starting a new high school.  Her mother passed away almost two years ago, her father has remarried and relocated the two of them  from Chicago to L.A.  Jessie doesn't feel comfortable anywhere- not at home (which she refers to as Rachel's house- her stepmother), and certainly not at school.  This private school is home to many stereotypical teenagers, the girl drama is high and Jessie is trying to learn the background of kids who have been together since Kindergarten.  Jessie is determined to survive long enough to get through high school and move back home. 

However, Jessie is sent an email by "Somebody/ Nobody" welcoming her to the school and giving her advice on how to fit in.  As the relationship between Jessie and her anonymous friend starts to grow, and Jessie starts meeting other friends, she is still working to navigate the dangerous world that is high school while learning how to live in this new world she finds herself in.

I really enjoyed this story.  I liked the mystery of who is "Somebody/ Nobody" and watching Jessie learn to stand on her own after her world is torn apart by her mother's death.  There are some mature bits in this book, I would be hesitate to give it to a grade 7 student, but certainly at the high school level it would be fine. 

I also am planning on ordering her next book "What to Say Next" because I really liked the easy read of Julie Buxbaum's style. 

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