Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Fourth Dimension by Eric Walters

It's been a while since I've read anything by Eric Walters, I don't know why because he never fails to draw me into a really exciting story.  The Fourth Dimension is no exception. 

In The Fourth Dimension, Walters takes us back to the setting of The Rule of Three to the world without power and the fight for survival when life is turned on its head.  This story introduces us to how other people learn to survive in this new world.

In The Fourth Dimension, we meet 15 year old Emma, her brother Ethan and her ex-Marine mother Ellen.  They were just setting off on a camping trip when the power went out.  They decided that the best thing to do is to wait out the power outage at their campsite just off Toronto Island in Lake Ontario.  On their own, they are able to fish and learn to adapt to life without power while staying hidden from other people.  However, they know that they are not safe with just the three of them.  They soon meet up with another community living on the Island and together they learn to come together to protect one another from people who want to take their shelter, food and weapons. 

I loved the Rule of Three books- loved how Walters wrote about a setting so familiar to those of us who live in Southern Ontario and he has done the same thing with The Fourth Dimension.  I've spent time paddling around Toronto Island and could easily visualize where Emma and her family were waiting out the power outage. 

But what I also love most about this book, and upon reflecting on The Rule of Three, is how Walter's gives the power and leadership to women.  Because of Ellen's military training people look to her for protection and guidance.  But we also witness how Emma learns to adapt and find her own strength during these troubling times.  I love that women and young women are given such a position of authority and power in these books.

 I think these books will be enjoyed by both boys and girls and I can't wait to meet my new students in the fall to introduce them to these characters. 

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