Sunday, May 10, 2009

Black Rabbit Summer by Kevin Brooks

I just finished this one last night, and while it took a while for me to get into the book, at the end I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to finish. My nephew Bryor suggested this one to me and he LOVED it.

Growing up, Pete had his 4 closest friends and they did everything together. One of their favourite things to do was build 'dens' in the woods out of found material. In these hide outs, the 5 of them experimented with all sorts of things. But that was years ago, now, Peter is only friends with Raymond. While most people think Raymond is strange, Peter accepts him for who his is and feels it is his responsibility to look out for him. When Nicole calls Peter one summer night before they all head off to university she suggests all 5 of them get together again, Peter is curious about her motives. Lacking anything better to do, Peter and Raymond head to their favourite den to drink and talk before heading to the fairgrounds. As the friends get to know each other again the situation quickly spins out of control because of the drinking, drugs and tension between the kids. The next day, they discover that a young girl is missing as well as Raymond. Things get very strange for Peter and the rest of the kids, they don't know who to trust, who to believe or what is the truth. Peter finds it hard to believe that one of his friends could have anything to do with the missing girl, but all evidence points to the fact that something strange went on after they left their den. This book becomes a real page turner!

The author, Kevin Brooks is English. I find his writing style different from many of the other books I've read, but the story is well worth the struggle.

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