Friday, May 8, 2009

We All Fall Down by Eric Walters

Have I mentioned how much I love Eric Walter's books??? This novel starts on September 10, 2001. Will is a grade 9 boy who will be spending the next day with his father at work. He dad works in the south building of the World Trade Centre in Manhattan. What starts out as a boring day at Dad's office turns in to a day the whole world will never forget. Told as only Eric Walters can- this story examines the horror of that terrible day in a way that is appropriate for young adults to understand.


  1. i read this a while back on the recommendation of one of my students. i was unable to put it down. it's "insider" perspective made it seem even more terribly real than the news reports. happily it avoids the cheap recriminations and conspiracy theories in favour of the human experiencing of a horrible event. junior and early internediate students would eat this up. steven

  2. i couldnt put this book down while i was reading it. i just had to finish it.

    i love how eric walters told this story from a grade 9 kid's perspective.

  3. the way eric walters told this story from a kid's point of view instead of from the news makes the event seem truer than true. know what i mean????