Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Perfect Gentle Knight by Kit Pearson

I loved this book!
This story is about the Bell family. A family who is dealing in different ways with their mother's death three years ago. Mr. Bell is dealing with it by withdrawing into his work and leaving the six children to fend for themselves. Sebastian is the oldest boy at 15 and he is dealing with his pain by involving himself in playacting the Knights of the Round Table. This game, while loved by all the children is starting to cause conflict between them. Roz, the eldest sister has decided that she is too old for playing and her desertion is hard for the rest of the kids to understand. The other children are just trying to survive by setting their own rules and trying to survive without a parent.

11 year old Corrie is caught in the middle. While she loves the Knights of the Round Table, she too is starting to grown up and realizes that it is just a game, something Sebastian doesn't seem to understand.

I loved the whole concept of the family being held together by playacting the Knights game, their imagination is something to be admired. I think kids might find the children and other families a bit old-fashion as the story is set in 1955. Some of the descriptions of what Corrie does with her friends seem a bit immature for a grade 6 girl today. All in all though, this book was fabulous!

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