Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones

I haven't always been a real fan of Tim Wynne-Jones, but this book has totally won me over. I am planning on ordering a few of his other books and giving him another chance. This book is more appropriate for a slightly older reader than I usually write about.

Mimi Shapiro is a young woman from New York who is running away from her life. She has found herself in a bit of a mess at home and wants to get away and figure out what she is going to do next. So, she packs up all of her gear into her Mini-Cooper car and heads into the Canadian north. When she arrives at her father's cottage she is captivated by the beauty and isolation of the area. However, the cottage isn't quite as isolated as she had hoped. The cottage is occupied by a young man Jay who immediately accuses Mimi of leaving him strange things. Once the two realize that it couldn't possibly be Mimi who left these items, the two find themselves realizing that someone is watching them. What could he/she possibly want?

At times, I found this story to be pretty spooky, but it was so appropriate to the story that it seemed very real. The mystery and drama presented in this book really pulled me through and I found I couldn't put down the book at the end. I am definitely going to be reading some of Wynne-Jones older books now!

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  1. i too really enjoyed this book. the other book i love of tim's is "the maestro". in both books he captures an entire space in which the psychological and relational pieces meld perfectly with the setting. you feel the essence of his writing for some time afterwards.