Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bounce by Natasha Friend

Imagine being 11 and coming home from camp to have your father announce 1. He is getting married 2. The women (who you have met once) has 6 children 3. You have to move to another state. This is exactly what happens to Evyn. One minute she is getting ready for grade 6, with her best friend and the next minute she is driving to a new state to meet a huge family she is going to live with AND start at a new private school. Once in Boston, Evyn's father starts to change and it seems her whole life is falling apart. In order to survive, Evyn needs to bounce with the change in her family, the change in routines, and insults from girls she thinks are her friends.

I thought this book was really great. It deals with blended families and how everyone needs to adjust and how hard it is starting over again. Well worth the read!

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