Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hunger by Michael Grant

*Warning- if you haven't read Gone, this review will provide spoilers that you may not want to know about. Read Gone first, then come back and read this review!

In this sequel to Gone, Sam and Caine have survived the big 'poof', but they still find themselves on opposite sides of survival. Caine has aligned himself with some very scary characters Drake and Diana who have mutated in such vile ways that everyone is scared of them. They don't trust one another and the tension is very thick between them all. Sam is still struggling to hold it all together in town. He is responsible for everyone and every little thing. He has become a surrogate parent for all young children and the strain of it all is really starting to wear him down.

All of the food in town is gone and the children are starving. Things are even worse at Coates Academy where Caine's encounter with the mysterious 'thing' underground has left him weak and mentally unstable.

As Sam tries to feed the town, Caine is plotting for ways to take over all the food and buildings in town. To top it all off there is a real growing divide between kids who have mutated and kids who are normal.

This book was absolutely as exciting as the first one. It also ended in such a way that you just know there is going to be a third book.

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