Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gone by Michael Grant

This is an amazing new book that I stumbled across on another website. 14 year old Sam dreams of surfboarding all day long. One minute he is sitting in class barely listening to his teacher and the next minute "poof" his teacher is gone. Not just stepped out of the room gone, but gone gone. As he looks around the room, he realizes other kids are gone too. When he meets up with other kids in the hall they come to realize that anyone over 15 years old has vanished. Suddenly, there are no adult, nobody to tell them what to do, when to eat or how to behave. This is the new world. Dubbed the "FAYZ" it becomes a world where bullies rule and sides are being quickly drawn. Sam finds himself reluctantly in charge of the 'townies' and he has to face Caine, the leader of the kids from the private school just outside of town. Sam and Caine share a bond they had no idea about before the disappearance of all the adults. The kids quickly find themselves hungry and fighting for survival. As all this is happening, animals begin changing in strange ways and so do the kids. Kids start gaining strange powers that make some more powerful and scary than others. It is a strange new world where everyone is trying to survive on their own.

This book is a nice thick book- 550 pages and each chapter leaves you wanting more. There is a strange little website where you can read someones blog who lives in the FAYZ. Here is an interview with the author as well:

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