Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've Got An Idea by Eric Walters

I usually love anything by Eric Walters, but I really thought this was one of his weakest books yet, not up to his excellent standards.

This story was set just outside of New York City. Three students in grade 6 decide to travel to New York City after their parents refuse to let them go to a concert. They sneak away from their parents and head off for an adventure in the 'big city'.

Normally in an adventure book, I can ignore the fact that the kids do dangerous or unrealistic things. But, I really felt that this book glossed over the real dangers of being in a big city alone at the age of 11. There was a big scene where one of the parents had their secretary's son track down the kids at this huge concert which was very unbelievable. It also really bothered me that the parents didn't even go into New York to get their kids, they waited for them to be brought home.

All in all, not my favourite Eric Walters book!

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