Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

This book is currently on the Ontario Library Association Red Maple nominees. Jessica is in my Red Maple group and she was raving about this book (and series). She read all three books in one weekend and said that I HAD to read this series. I've ordered all three books in the series and started with book number one "The Summoning"
The Summoning starts out innocently enough by introducing us to Chloe Saunders, she is in high school and has some good friends, an absent father, a dead mother and a very committed aunt. One day at school Chloe has an episode that causes her to break down and be carried out of school in an ambulance. Now Chloe has been sent to Lyle House, a home for teens with mental illness.
As Chloe gets to know the other kids staying at Lyle House she learns a great deal about herself and that maybe she isn't mentally ill after all. Mysterious things happen to Chloe at Lyle House which causes her to explore episodes from her childhood. Chloe grows closer to some of the other kids and realizes that the kids at Lyle House aren't quite what they seem to be.
I did enjoy reading this book. It is obviously setting up for the next two in the series. I finished it late last night and didn't have the immediate desire to start the next one, but now I am looking forward to starting the next book: The Awakening.

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