Friday, July 31, 2009

Click Here by Denise Vega

This story totally rocks! Erin is entering grade 7- new school, new kids and she is very nervous. Her and her best friend Jilly have been together since kindergarten and now they are being separated. Erin isn't sure how to deal with things without Jilly. What she does do is write a 'pretend' blog about her problems, issues and things that make her happy. This blog is private- for her eyes only.

Things in grade 7 get pretty crazy. Her nemesis Serena seems to know every little issue that bothers her and brings it up every time she sees her. Her best friend Jilly is really only interested in herself, which is starting to bother Erin. Finally, her new friend Mark only likes her as a friend when she wants more. All of these things get posted to her private blog- until one day it isn't so private anymore! Erin is an amazing character, her strength in dealing with the issues she faces is very inspiring!

Girls in grade 6-8 must read this book. Erin's voice is hilarious, it makes me very glad I'm not in 7th grade again!

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  1. Thank you for posting a link to your blog on Two Peas. It has been a great help in finding books for my 12 year old dd to read. She recently finished reading Click Here and is now reading the next Denise Vega book called Access Denied. She is so engrossed in these books that it is hard to get her attention and hard to get her to put the books down to do her chores.

    She has already read a couple other books you recommended. I have 3 more on hold at the library and have a very long list of others that I think she will like.

    I will definitely check back for new recommendations.