Friday, July 10, 2009

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

I really like Laurie Halse Anderson's books. Her book Speak was one of the first young adult books I read as an adult that really got me interested in reading more books for kids. Her writing is brilliant, you can really hear the characters voice in her work. There were several spots in Wintergirls that I thought to myself " That line was beautiful- I need to write that down" that is how stunning her writing is.

Wintergirls tells the story of two 18 year old girls- Cassie and Lia who have been best friends forever. They share everything- secrets, clothes, jewelry and the desire to be the skinniest girl in their school. At the start of the story Cassie dies, which spins Lia out of control. The only thing Lia can control is what she eats. This story shares the heartbreaking reality of living with anorexia, and the fall-out of this terrible disease.

Halse Anderson shares Lia's story and her journey in such an honest way. One of the coolest techniques I have ever seen in a book is when Lia is sharing her inner voice of what she wants to say she will cross off the words she hears in her head followed by what she actually says. It was an amazing way to give the reader an insite into what goes through someones mind when they are battling with an eating disorder. This is a must read for teen girls!
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